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At Mercado Libre, we believe that sustainability is a way of doing things that involves every area of our business. And that it is a commitment that we renew every day, every time we take risks to innovate, achieve scale and generate a transformational impact.

We are convinced that there is a new economy, in which it is possible to generate economic value while creating social and environmental value at the same time. But it will not come on its own, nor on the basis of promises: we have to act today if we want to contribute to the sustainable prosperity of our region.

Under this premise, our strategy has three main focuses of action: We are working to boost the triple impact entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America through our solutions platform, with a focus on digital, commercial and financial inclusion. At the same time, we are stimulating demand by offering the largest curated offer of positive impact products in the region to millions of consumers.

We are contributing to the communities with which we are linked through initiatives that seek to strengthen social organizations and the digital donation culture in the region. We also support young people to access formal jobs and the skills of the future by developing education and technology programs, so we can have fairer and more equitable societies.

We accept the challenge of continuing to grow while respecting the environment. Measuring our carbon footprint is the backbone of this challenge: we seek to reduce our environmental impact throughout our value chain, while contributing to the fight against climate change through the regeneration and conservation of iconic biomes in the region.

This strategy is bolstered by two fundamental pillars. First, an inclusive culture. Each person who works at Mercado Libre is unique and one of a kind, with their own story, experience, and background. Therefore, we encourage everyone to feel free to be who they are, how they are, and at ease with the choices they make.

And secondly, transparency. It is the cornerstone of how we act, as well as of the bond of trust that we create with each of our stakeholders. We believe that ethics and integrity are the pillars of inclusion and development and, as corporate citizens, we strictly comply with applicable laws and strive to promote best practices in the digital products and services we develop.

We are entrepreneurs who know that sustainability is a path of continuous improvement, with many challenges ahead but with a clear focus: the time to act is now.



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