Sustainability Bond Framework 2020

Mercado Libre Sustainability Report 2020

In Mercado Libre we create an ecosystem that, through technology, promotes ideas and businesses, motorices commerce and multiplies the generation of employment. This defines us as a company of the new paradigm.

Our company was born with a purpose: to democratize commerce and money, equalizing the opportunities between large companies and small entrepreneurs, by reducing geographical and economic gaps.


This virtuous ecosystem is guided by a conviction and is that entrepreneurs are the true agents of change. That is why, through what we call Entrepreneurial Effect, we promote those who lead the strategies in which we work and generate a triple impact; for your business, for your communities and for the planet.


The Entrepreneurial Effect synthesizes our vision of sustainability and is based on three key commitments: promoting entrepreneurs, contributing to the communities in which we operate and reducing our environmental impact.

For us, the entrepreneur is the vehicle to achieve an equitable, more democratic economy and to create an authentic transformation in society and on the planet.


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