Mercado Libre

The Ecommerce leader in Latin America

The Ecommerce leader in Latin America

Mercado Libre’s mission is to democratize commerce in Latin America through technology. Over 20 years, our ecommerce platform has evolved into a complete solution for everything from small sellers to large official stores and our first party operation.

Over 30 billion dollars in products sold every year

We develop technological solutions so that millions of users can buy, sell, advertise, send and pay over the internet in an easy, safe and efficient way. Our commerce platform serves tens of millions of buyers and sellers across the region with a diverse range of categories and a seamless shopping experience. We focus on continuously improving the user experience and our value proposition to drive the development of online retail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Mercado Libre’s ecommerce platform work?

The platform provides a proprietary, fully-automated, topically-arranged and user-friendly online trading service. This service enables businesses of all sizes to list items and conduct their sales and purchases on the largest marketplace in Latin America.

Who can sell on Mercado Libre?

Any business or individual from Latin America can register and sell in Mercado Libre, as long as they follow the terms and conditions of the commerce platform. There are currently over 10 million sellers using Mercado Libre, from small, family businesses to known brands and official stores.

What are the most relevant categories for Mercado Libre’s GMV?

Mercado Libre offers a deep assortment of many different categories, and our GMV is diversified amongst them. Fashion, consumer electronics, autoparts, home and decor and gaming are some of them.

How much of the GMV comes from the marketplace?

The majority of Mercado Libre’s GMV comes from our marketplace sellers. Our first party business was recently created to offer products complementary to our sellers’ assortment.



Mercado Libre offers a diversified assortment through millions of sellers, from small enterprises to big brands and official stores.

First Party

Mercado Libre also operates a first party operation that offers products that are complementary to our marketplace assortment.

Cross Border

 International sellers offer products in Mercado Libre.

Financial & Accounting

How does Mercado Libre monetize the marketplace?

Sellers pay a take rate, which is a percentage of the GMV for each sale. The Premium take rate – higher than the Classic rate – enables sellers to offer their buyers the opportunity to purchase in interest-free installments. With the classic rate, sellers can offer installments with interest paid by the buyer. Sellers also contribute to the cost of our free shipping program, with fees dependent on the weight and dimensions of the product sold.