What does MercadoLibre do?

Mercadolibre is the largest ecommerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America enabling users easier and better ways to pay and sell with the purpose of democratizing commerce and payments in the region. It is present in 18 countries including: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Peru. Based on unique visitors and page views we are market leaders in each of the major countries. Through the company’s platform and payment services, MercadoLibre provides its users with robust online commerce and payments tools that not only contribute to the development of a large and growing ecommerce community in Latin America (a region with a population of over 650 million people and one of the fastest-growing Internet penetration rates in the world), but also foster entrepreneurship and social mobility. MercadoLibre’s main focus is to deliver compelling technological and commercial solutions that address the distinctive cultural and geographic challenges of operating an online commerce and payments platform in Latin America. MercadoLibre offers its users the following services: Mercado Libre marketplace: The platform provides a fully-automated, topically-arranged and user-friendly online trading service. It offers buyers a deep assortment of items that are often more expensive or otherwise hard to find through traditional offline sellers, with new products now representing about 98% of total listings. This service enables both businesses and individuals to list items and conduct their sales and purchases in the largest marketplace in Latin America. Mercado Envios shipping service: It is a shipping solution for marketplace users, and is available in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. Mercado Envios achieves economies of scale through integration with local carriers and state of the art warehousing services underlying it with MercadoLibre’s proprietary technology driving down shipping costs and eliminating friction our buyers and sellers. MercadoLibre’s logistics network is composed of four picking types with unique capabilities that enable us to improve the user experience and achieve cost efficiency, these are:

  • Drop shipping: Sellers dispatch their goods sold directly through local carrier networks and they directly deliver them to the buyers.
  • Cross-docking: Through our strategically located cross-docking centers, packages are reallocated from large delivery trucks to smaller, specifically targeted ones improving delivery time and efficiency.
  • Fulfilled by MELI: FBM dramatically improves the user experience as we keep the assortment in our warehouses giving Mercado Libre more control over the entire process resulting in shorter delivery times and more accurate delivery promises.
  • Flex: The solution enables us to leverage on the seller’s logistics capabilities, providing greater capillarity and faster delivery times.

Accompanying MercadoLibre’s logistics network, the drop off points provide sellers an easier way to deliver their products making the first mile delivery more efficient, and small warehouses for inventory pivoting to improve efficiencies in the middle and last mile. Classifieds service: Enables users to list their offerings related to vehicles, vessels, aircraft real estate, and services outside the Marketplace platform. Classifieds listings differ from Marketplace listings, as they only charge optional placement fees, and never final value fees. Classifieds pages are also a major source of traffic to our website, benefitting both the Marketplace and non-marketplace businesses. Advertising service: The advertising platform enables large retailers, small and medium brands and various other consumer brands to promote their products and services on our marketplace or on the internet by providing branding and performance marketing solutions. Mercado Pago payments solution: Initially, Mercado Pago solution was developed to complement the MercadoLibre marketplace facilitating transactions, but the initiative quickly outgrew its initial purpose to pursue the democratization of payments and financial inclusion, allowing its users to securely, easily and promptly send and receive payments both on and offline. MercadoPago is available in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Mercado Pago’s payments solutions includes:

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS): This product allows merchants or individuals to process physical credit and debit cards, either by reading the chip and entering the personal identification number, or PIN, of the card or by swiping it, depending on the type of device available in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

Digital Wallet: The Wallet allows users to make QR payments, pay utilities bills, make P2P transactions, cell phone top ups and pay transportation tickets with account balance or with traditional payments methods. Complementing the versatility of the app, we offer Mercado Fondo an asset-management feature that enables users to reap the benefits of investing in low risk assets while being able to use it seamlessly given is a T+0 fund.

Merchant Services: This service is designed to meet the growing demand for internet-based payments systems in Latin America, allowing merchants to facilitate checkout and payment processes either by registering with MercadoPago or by providing their credit card information as a “guest user”.

Prepaid Card: While MercadoPago continues to scale alternative ways of payment solutions, we provide users with prepaid and hybrid cards that mirror their account balance on the wallet to complement the digital transformation and enable our users to use MercadoPago anywhere. Moreover, users can withdraw MercadoPago funds through ATMs.

Mercado Credito: This solution provides both consumers and merchants the means to expand their business and fulfill their purchases relying on MELI’s entire ecosystem and machine learning algorithms to determine a more accurate scoring for each user. Mercado Credito provides access to credit to consumers either to buy in our platform or through the wallet to pay in a physical store, Mercado Libre’s merchants and mPOS merchants.

Mercado Pago allows merchants to receive their credit card payments as they see fit (instantaneously, in 14, 30 or 60 days) with differentiated take-rates.

For more information regarding MercadoPago fees please refer to the following links:

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay & Peru.

How many employees does MercadoLibre have?

Over 30,000 employees by the end of 2021. MercadoLibre is led by a team of highly qualified management and information technology professionals who run our business and websites from our offices in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Mexico City, Caracas, Santiago, Bogotá, and Montevideo. Most of MELI’s most senior management officers and senior technology professionals joined the company in 2000 or before, which provides MercadoLibre with a stable and seasoned leadership. The commitment, knowledge and track record of both our management and technology teams are valuable assets to the company. Management believes that the corporate culture contributes to the high level of satisfaction, retention and commitment of MELI’s employees.

What is MercadoLibre Inc's fiscal year-end?

MercadoLibre’s year-end is December 31st of every calendar year. Reporting quarters correspond with calendar quarters.

Who is MercadoLibre Inc's Independent Accountant?

MercadoLibre’s auditor is Pistrelli, Henry Martin y Asociados S.R.L., a member firm of Ernst & Young Global Limited..

When did MercadoLibre Inc go public and at what price? Where is MercadoLibre Inc traded?

MercadoLibre Inc went public on August 10th, 2007 at an IPO split adjusted price of $18.00 per share. The company is traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol MELI.

How can I invest in MercadoLibre Inc?

You can purchase shares of MercadoLibre Inc stock through a brokerage or a stock purchase service of your preference.

Does MercadoLibre Inc have a direct purchase plan? Can I purchase MercadoLibre Inc stock directly from the company?

No, MercadoLibre Inc. does not have a direct purchase plan. Shares of MercadoLibre Inc can be purchased through a broker or stock purchase service of your preference.

Who is MercadoLibre Inc's transfer agent?

Computershare Inc.

Dept CH 16934

Palatine, IL 60055-9228

Does MercadoLibre Inc pay a cash dividend?

The company has not paid dividends since late 2017.

How can I listen to the webcast for the earnings report?

Access Investor Events & Presentations here.

Where can I find all of MercadoLibre Inc's SEC filings?

Click here or you can access through the SEC website.

How can I download and view the quarterly and annual reports online?

You can view our quarterly results on our site and our annual reports directly from here and you can access additional financial metrics here.

How can I contact MercadoLibre's Investor Relations area?

If you need further information about MercadoLibre Inc, you may forward your concerns to the IR team at investor@mercadolibre.com.