Unique capabilities to offer credit

Unique capabilities to offer credit

Mercado Pago offers credit to our ecosystem’s consumers and merchants, leveraging competitive advantages in underwriting and distribution. Credit is an important driver of engagement, and since we launched our credit offer, we have served millions of users.

MercadoPago created its own proprietary scoring models, distribution capabilities and user experience.

We leverage the unparalleled and proprietary first party data from our commerce and fintech businesses, enabling us to score users of our ecosystem. The more our users engage with our ecosystem, the better we can score them for credit and offer options tailored to their needs in different touchpoints. We distribute credit through our apps and website in a user friendly and fast manner, with low customer acquisition costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone access credit through Mercado Pago?

We only offer credit to engaged users of our ecosystem. As users engage with our ecosystem, we are able to collect data to score them for our credit products, which will require many touchpoints.

What data is used to score the users?

Through unique, internally developed credit scoring models, we collect primary data from the users’ multiple touchpoints with our ecosystem. Our underwriting competitive advantage is based on our ability to find patterns in behavioral data that impact asset quality, and translate them into a credit offering. We employ over 2,000 variables, the largest portion of which feeds from the ecosystem, particularly the marketplace


Consumer Credit

Users can get credit to finance purchases on Mercado Libre, an option they choose at the checkout, or as personal loans through the Mercado Pago app, with the money deposited into their account.

Credit Card

The Mercado Pago credit card is an important piece of our full-service financial services offering as it is a product that enables day-to-day transactions.

MercadoPago credit card holders have the exclusive ability to pay for products on the marketplace in up to 18 installments.

Merchant Credit

We provide credit to our on-line and in-store merchants,  helping them to accelerate their growth. 

The merchant can get a loan through their Mercado Pago app and choose from different payment options, as a monthly payment or a percentage of sales.

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