Leveraging our data and technology to boost sellers’ growth

Leveraging our data and technology to boost sellers’ growth

Mercado Libre has built proprietary advertising solutions that enable sellers and brands to target millions of qualified consumers in our ecosystem, increasing brand awareness and sales.

Full funnel tool to serve all types of brands and sellers

Mercado Libre has developed advertising solutions for the awareness, consideration  and conversion stages of the funnel. With our world class platform, sellers and brands can reach millions of qualified buyers at different stages of the shopping journey, supported by our unparalleled proprietary data. Our priority is always to find the best balance between return on investment for the seller, product relevance for the buyer, and monetization for Mercado Libre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the technology proprietary?
  • Mercado Libre’s advertising technology is proprietary.  To create a world class advertising platform, Mercado Libre has been investing in the development of technology, and we have hundreds of engineers allocated to the business. Behind our Ads products there is a complex tech stack, which includes the Ad Console, where advertisers manage, analyze and optimize campaigns. Our Ad Server decides which ads should be displayed, their placement and pricing. On top of that, our Ad Measurement technology gathers performance data and attribution for each ad. 
Where are Ads shown on Mercado Libre?

Consumers see advertisements throughout the ecosystem, on both the Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago platform. On the ecommerce platform, ads appear on the home page, in search results and within product pages, depending on the type of ad and its relevance to the buyer.

Who can advertise on Mercado Libre’s platform?

All businesses selling on Mercado Libre can use our advertising tools to increase sales.

How effective are Mercado Libre’s Ads?

Mercado Libre has tens of millions of quarterly buyers, with an even larger audience. This audience, which is searching for a product inside our ecommerce platform, is more qualified and likely to make a purchase. On top of that, Mercado Libre leverages our proprietary data to better target consumers. This, combined with great technology, enables our sellers to increase sales and awareness with our tools.

7 out of 10 searches are unbranded, which gives our advertisers an opportunity to position their brands, promote their products and increase their sales, with our proprietary tools and data


Display Ads

To build brand awareness, Mercado Libre’s advertising solution offers banners that are seen by millions of users, especially on our home pages.


Brand Ads

For the consideration stage of the funnel, Mercado Libre offers a brand product that consists on a top banner from official stores on search pages, so they themselves and specific products to a qualified audience

Product Ads

To increase sales, sellers on Mercado Libre can sponsor product listings to increase their visibility on search and product pages, generating more traffic of qualified leads

Financial & Accounting

What are the P&L expenses associated with Ads?

The main expense incurred by our Ads business is related to technology, which is booked in our P&L in the Product Development line.