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We act today with a belief that the best yet to come

Our company was born with a purpose: to democratize commerce and financial services by deploying technology to level the playing field between large companies, small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals.

Our fast pace of growth enables us to foster and enhance all of the positive socioeconomic impacts of our business, driving commercial and financial inclusion, and contributing to the prosperity of our communities.

It also requires us to be increasingly efficient and innovative to reduce the environmental impact throughout the value chain.

We seek to promote change in the three pillars of our sustainability strategy: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Community and Planet.

We focus on the best we can do today to continue to grow responsibly. It is a path of continuous, collective improvement, and with many challenges ahead in such a dynamic and exponential industry. But our focus remains clear: the time to act is now.

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“Today, more than ever, we know that the world needs to be transformed.”

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Letter by Marcos Galperín, Mercado Libre founder and CEO

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